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ESSAGER 3 in 1 magnetic 15 watts Che Long wireless charger, iPhone car holder 13 12 /AirPOD /iWatch 7 6 Xiaomi Fast shipping..
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  ➡️ IPL epilator gentle and permanent hair removal ● Multiple Functions All-round care for your skin, safe for your skin, compared to other permanent hair removal methods, the latest IPL hair removal technology can ensure your hair removal is safe. ● To ensure complete safety, please wear goggles when you use this hair removal device.                            ..
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  Features: 1. Four operating modes: Run the TF/Bluetooth Play/Operation of a USB FM/Radio FM Radio. 2. A call without using hands with high -definition microphone, you can respond to the phone without using hands. 3. The amplifier can work with any devices with a standard headphone socket 3.5 mm, such as computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, mp3, etc. 4. 800mAh battery cells with large capacity, and the life of the battery is long -term along the way for you to enjoy music or communication. 5. A satisfactory gift, you can give your family and friends as a gift. Specifications: Size: 172x123x111MM Work voltage: 5 volts Energy: 3W Shipping: a continuous current 5V/1 A-2A Tf U disc stored storage: 32GB as a maximum FM frequency range: 80-108MHz Bluetooth version: 5.0 Bluetooth, distance transmission: 10 meters Battery capacity: 800mAh battery Bluetooth invitation: Yes Tf job card yes FM radio function: Yes note: 1. There may be some colored distortions due to the various computer decisions that appear. 2. slight errors may occur due to the difference in hand measurement. The package included: 1x president 1x cable charging 1x user guide    ..
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    Super Mini Speaker Small, Until You Hear it, an incredible bass. Egg-sized, delicate, premium and innovative. A106Pro Bluetooth speaker has been designed to fit in everywhere.     Steel Body EWA insist in metal speakers , seemless metal cavity brings more gorgeours and penetrating timbre , and stronger bass, followed a minimalism design.   EWA in Japan Awarded "Overwhelming Sound Quality Mini Speaker"(A106 Pro, 2021) and "Best Speaker of the Year" (A107S, 2021) by Japanese authoritative magazine Monoqlo, comparing with similar products of world top brands.     Hear the Innovation In such a tiny space, we needed to add a driver, the battery and all electronic components inside. Through our innovative technology, the speaker comes equipped a downward passive radiator, which is why it releases such miraculous power in the middle-range and bass.   The Art Craftsmanship We pushed the limits in the creation of A106Pro, leveraging unique manufacturing innovations to craft a speaker, that delivers premium sound quality in a sleek and versatile metal body.     Hear it lould Thanks to the fully equipped custom-made high performance 3W neodymium driver, the EWA A106Pro is surprisingly loud with well-balanced sound, even louder than most of speakers which double its size.     Great Battery Life Featuring a built-in 700mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, ensures up to 8 hours solid playtime when set to 50% volume. Recharge in just 4 hours with the micro USB cable included.     IPX7 Waterproof EWA A106Pro Bluetooth speaker in the shower, submerge it in the pool, or get it soaked on a rainy day—the IPX7 waterproof case will still protect all the important stuff inside.     Wireless Connection Compatible with most bluetooth devices, connect to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or tablet, and automatch with the devices you last used..     Play it easy The only button on the speaker is the ON/ OFF button with LED indicator, which is also able to play/pause with 1X click, play the next track with 2 clicks and play the previous track with 3 clicks.     Ultra-Portable The packed case allows the speaker to keep playing music inside. Also protects the speaker from scratches, The packed metal hook allows you to hang it up to your bag, bike.        ..
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Product details: Name: Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Model: JD-CP002 Material: ABS Waterproof Level: IPX5 Ultrasonic Frequency: 28000Hz Product Size: 174mm×44mm×19mm Weight: Appr.88g Modes: 4 Modes Photon Therapy: Red&Blue Light Automatic Power Off: 5 minutes (No operation) Battery Capacity: 500mAh   How to use:        Features: ①Ion Cleaning:Ion+ deep export cleaning + Blue light --Absorption power of positive ions is very effective for deep dirt removal. ② Moisturizing:Ion- import moisturizing + Red light --Help your skin absorb skin care products deeply,deliver necessary skin care ingredients. ③ EMS Lifting:Micro current+Red light --Tighten the skin,through the weak current stimulation, the skin can be activated, swelling, wrinkles and lifting can be improved, so as to achieve the purpose of regain youthful skin. ④Ultrasonic cleaning:Ultrasonic skin cleaning + Blue light --28000Hz per second ultrasonic vibration can thoroughly remove dirt from deep skin. ⑤Red/Blue light skin phototherapy --Red light--Promote collagen --Blue light--Anti-inflammatory and sedative ⑥IPX5 Waterproof:Can be used safely in the bathroom. Package includes: 1 x Skin Scrubber 1 x Storage Bag 1 x Silicone Cap Cover 1 x USB Cable 1 x Instruction Manual (English,Russian,Spanish,Japanese) Light Therapy Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Ultrasonic Cleansing Red/Blue Light Therapy Ion+ Cleansing Ion- Moisturizing EMS Skin Lifting IPX5 Waterproof Timing Function Low Noise Are you still using these methods to clean your skin? *Blackhead stickers--violent tearing, enlarged pores *Acne needles--very painful and easy to leave scars *Squeeze by hand--unhygienic, easy to cause bacterial infection *Beauty salon--expensive and inconvenient Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology 28000Hz per second ultrasonic vibration can thoroughly remove dirt from deep skin. ①Atomization Atomizingthe aqueous medium into blisters ②Burst The vibration continues to burst the tiny bubbles ③Attack rush into the pores to attack deep dirt and crack them into small partices ④Detachment Small particles detach from the skin surface ION CLEANING Ion+ deep export cleaning + Blue light The positive ions will absorb the negative ions, and the dirt and impurities in the pores will be absorbed along with the negative ions to achieve the purpose of cleansing the skin. MOISTURIZING (Ion- import moisturizing + Red light) The nutrient essence with negative ions can be introduced deep into the skin to maintain the skin from the bottom of the skin, so as to achieve a good hydrating effect. LIFTING EMS Micro Current Skin Lifting Micro-current massage stimulates facial muscle movement, restores muscle elasticity, lifts skin lines, and makes the face firmer and younger. Red/Blue Light Skin Phototherapy Red light--Promote collagen Help to improve cell activity, stimulate collagen growth, there by increasing skin elasticity. Repair sensitive skin and achieve the purpose of whitening and rejuvenating skin, shrinking large pores. Blue light--Sedative and anti-inflammatory Help to stimulate the porphyrin in then zymes of the skin to release a large amount of single active oxygen , there by killing the anaerobic bacteria , effectively treating skin acne ,pimples ,marks , etc. IPX5 Waterproof Can be used safely in the bathroom *The spatula head can be washed directly with running water, please keep the machine dry and do not immerse the machine in water Product Details ①Protective Cap ②Spatula ③Ion Cleaning Mode ④Ion Permeation Mode ⑤EMS Lifting Mode ⑥Ultrasonic Cleaning Mode ⑦ON/OFF & Mode Switch Button ⑧Charging Port ⑩Ion Conducting Bar ⑪Silicone Cap Cover(Wear it on the spatula to wash face) ⑫LED Light How to use ultrasonic skin scrubber STEP 1 Wash your face with water,keep your face wet then turn on the device to【ULTRASONIC】mode and gently clean your face about 2-3 minute add water to your face during this treatment to keep it humid. STEP 2 Dry your face and apply your normal face moisturizers.Switch the device to 【Ion-】mode and use the Spatula to leading-in nutrition quickly , improce skin absorption capacity. STEP 3 【EMS】 mode sends pulsations into the muscle actively lifting the face,Reduce your wrinkle and fine lines,leave your skin looking youthful.            ..
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